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I Made a MrBeast Video with $20

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2023. 06. 01.
  • $20 and a dream :,)
    LEGO 2K Drive out now! - LEGO.2k.com/Drive
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  • Steven He
    Steven He 일 전 +17867

    The level of social anxiety I felt just watching Ryan walk up to strangers....

  • Jake L.
    Jake L. 일 전 +1360

    Let's be clear here, That dude did not just win $10,000 he won $10,003.26. We can't forget the $3.26 he fought hard for.

    • Beach Thornton
      Beach Thornton 21 시간 전 +46

      i know i would be devastated if they forget the 3.26 dollars 😭

    • Unknown Known
      Unknown Known 21 시간 전 +11

      and he got more time spent with his beautiful friend who I think he has a crash on

    • Jeppe Andersen
      Jeppe Andersen 21 시간 전 +10

      Let's be clear he did not just win 3.26 he got a small bonus of 10.000$

    • TheDreamyAxolotl
      TheDreamyAxolotl 20 시간 전

      lol ye

    • TheDreamyAxolotl
      TheDreamyAxolotl 20 시간 전 +7

      @Jeppe Andersen wdym the $10,000 is just the side money, the $3.26 is the only important thing

  • Patrick Zeinali
    Patrick Zeinali 일 전 +3097

    The fact that you were talking about the circle while standing right by a street sign that said "the circle" BLEW MY MIND lol

    • Ethan Perez
      Ethan Perez 일 전 +6

      I saw that too, crazy

    • zair20111
      zair20111 일 전 +9

      exactly i didnt know if that was an easter egg

      GOLDEN DRAGON OP 일 전 +3

      What's up

    • :I
      :I 일 전 +2

      5 ton pringles can

    • MO3
      MO3 일 전 +2

      He's secretly a genius not surprising tho

  • To B
    To B 일 전 +651

    The good attitudes of these people to come do this and even participate/stay in circle after being told it was $8 is amazing. They even filmed. Played along. They all passed vibe check. I loved this

  • kkw67
    kkw67 일 전 +2203

    Ryan having self-confidence for 22 minutes straight

    • Help2832
      Help2832 일 전 +17

      And 43 seconds

    • Edge
      Edge 일 전 +12

      ​@Help2832 it says 22:44 on the thumbnail 🤓

    • nicolas suhr
      nicolas suhr 일 전 +3

      he's the true definition of alpha male

    • 𝓚𝓱𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓭
      𝓚𝓱𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓭 일 전 +4

      but the video is 22:43 seconds long so shush 🤓

    • vmxdare
      vmxdare 일 전 +2

      Y’all keep face revealing 💀

  • Deepesh
    Deepesh 일 전 +185

    Ryan is a man of steel when it comes to social anxiety. I would faint at some of such conversations.

  • Kyle Krueger
    Kyle Krueger 일 전 +7504

    I was not expecting you to actually pay them🤝

  • 4moso
    4moso 일 전 +922

    Man the chemistry all those people had was unexpected. It was wholesome to see them get along, and buttersweet to see them lose. Ryan may have given them all 500 dollars but the friends he made for them is worth even more.

    • Ur  Left
      Ur Left 일 전 +21

      yep buttersweet all right

    • option;kyungmun
      option;kyungmun 일 전 +12

      We love them buttersweet moments

    • Vitalworm
      Vitalworm 일 전

      Ayo bittersweet?

    • Ogden Michael
      Ogden Michael 일 전 +9

      I mean, is it really unexpected? None of them really went in it for the money obviously. They were all just like, "Sure, I have nothing else going on, sounds fun." And when you have that mind set; you find common ground with almost everyone.

    • Zoe NotOk
      Zoe NotOk 일 전

      The true $20 was the friends we made along the way

  • DangerKW
    DangerKW 일 전 +176

    i love ryan's videos because they're things anyone could do but the fact that it's ryan doing those things is what makes it viral/entertaining

  • umm
    umm 일 전 +143

    Ryan's content is TOP NOTCH.... it just proves that you dont need to spend a lot of money just to produce amazing content

    • Derrick Williaams
      Derrick Williaams 22 시간 전

      Literally what I said, he is the definition of where there is a will there is a way

    • Indian0Lore
      Indian0Lore 21 시간 전

      If you got enough craziness, people will watch you burn.

  • Ashley Robert
    Ashley Robert 일 전 +49

    I love how the challenge starts out with seeing how long the contestants will last in the circle, to Ryan trying to get them to leave, because he didn’t expect them to stay so long.
    This was a super cute video ❤

  • Jeff
    Jeff 일 전 +94

    Was not expecting you to drop $13,500 for this. That’s a really generous turn out and that guy will never forget that day.

  • ZMDE
    ZMDE 일 전 +2854

    This is genius LOL. How has nobody done this yet

  • Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Ryan confidently spending 22 minutes making a MrBeast last to leave is true respect, at least Ryan never makes things awkward

  • JaxIsh
    JaxIsh 일 전 +444

    I knew Ryan had something planned in the end. Huge congratulations to the winner! 😂

    • Sebastian Garcia
      Sebastian Garcia 일 전 +2

      I love you vids

    • blackfacenoob
      blackfacenoob 일 전

      Thanks for spoilers

    • Elia
      Elia 23 시간 전

      Honestly the end ruined the point of the video

    • speedchess
      speedchess 23 시간 전

      @Elia not at all. He did the video until that point, end of challenge.

  • Jessie C
    Jessie C 일 전 +16

    I don't usually comment on videos but I wanted to leave my support in this way to Ryan for making such an awesome inspiring video

  • Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    This man's determintion to talk to random people sounding like a scammer is amazing

    • Liam HADLEY
      Liam HADLEY 일 전 +11

      Ryan can u remove this comment it's nsfw account

    • qwertz
      qwertz 일 전 +7

      @Liam HADLEY its honestly really annoying how sometimes you are just minding your own buisness and then you see one of these accounts that uses that one picture

    • Bongo Gorilla tag
      Bongo Gorilla tag 일 전 +1

      Yea please do

    • Andrew Mangano
      Andrew Mangano 일 전

      Agreed, and they get too much attention

  • Cassy Marlo
    Cassy Marlo 일 전 +9

    Dude, Ryan laughing at himself and the awkwardness of the whole thing just makes this so good

  • Frost Ops
    Frost Ops 일 전 +5321

    This was actually more entertaining than a MrBeast video

  • <Toxic_Insekt55>
    <Toxic_Insekt55> 일 전 +326

    Can we just appreciate how much work he puts in his videos?

  • Bigballmagrawl09
    Bigballmagrawl09 일 전 +14

    Never lose your sense of humor bro. It is very unique and awesome to watch

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy  23 시간 전 +7

    Okay I did not expect the ending. THAT is how you end a video. Kudos to all contestants, I loved their humility and openness to making new friends.

  • Jared.
    Jared. 일 전 +7

    Jimmy really does have some of the best circle painters on KRclip.

    • 0269
      0269 22 시간 전 +1


  • Big Mac
    Big Mac 일 전 +7

    Ryan, I just want you to know that you have helped me a lot without even knowing it. I have been depressed and every time it gets bad, I always watch your videos and they make me feel a little better. Thank you for everything you do

  • DarkBlocks
    DarkBlocks 일 전 +8

    I love how Ryan is always able to come up with some sort of video idea

  • Madelyne Loeffler
    Madelyne Loeffler 일 전 +8

    This was a cinematic masterpiece. Please. Make 12 more of these. That exact number. Howdy. Yeehaw and all that.

  • Agent Incognito
    Agent Incognito 18 시간 전 +1

    the fact that ryan can make us laugh while not even trying is insane (good background music btw, it fits)

  • Merecoon
    Merecoon 일 전 +1

    Well that ending was unexpected for sure. I really love the suspense Ryan can create out of simple things and make them into such good videos.

  • Jessicanguyenin_
    Jessicanguyenin_ 일 전 +4

    The social anxiety and nervousness levels i got from this video is astronomical 😭 this was a great video Ryan can't wait for more!!

  • 𝓖𝓪𝓻𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓭.𝓥𝓲𝔃𝓾𝓪𝓵𝓼™

    Ryan’s awkwardness just makes it so much more funny and fun to watch

  • CH4SE
    CH4SE 19 시간 전

    Ryan is the most awkward guy but still keeps us entertained love u ry!

  • Mistystorm016
    Mistystorm016 일 전

    This was so wholesome, thank you Ryan for bringing such a wholesome energy to the internet :D

  • Trin C
    Trin C 일 전 +1

    I love this. Love that those who showed up they were all willing to go for it. 👏🏻🥰

  • Queen Spring Day

    Ryan is currently one of my favorite youtubers besides Pewds. This guy is so creative and entertaining even in low budget. Hope he gets more subscribers and stay humble as he is. Great content Ryan!

  • Fanatic Sports
    Fanatic Sports 일 전 +3139

    I feel like Ryan is living his dream life and you can tell he’s having so much fun doing KRclip

  • disKComfort
    disKComfort 일 전 +1

    I love how much the contestants bonded! This video was spectacular ❤️

  • DangerKitty
    DangerKitty 일 전 +5

    So glad that they won, that prize money is gonna be life changing ❤❤

  • SouthernGorilla
    SouthernGorilla 일 전 +1

    Knew Ryan was too kind hearted to let them all sit there and not give them more than 3.26$

  • walid Hafiz
    walid Hafiz 일 전

    I can say that this is one of the best videos on KRclip in terms of idea, execution and ending, you are doing a really great videos ryan.

  • aldrin tyrence magpantay

    It's not about the cash prize. It's about the friends we made along the way.

  • Ant
    Ant 일 전 +1314

    I see what you did there Ryan at 4:06 talking about the cirlce on the crosswalk of "The circle street" above you.

  • ZachThatOneGuy
    ZachThatOneGuy 일 전 +1

    I still go back and watch your penny challenges. There just so fun to watch over and over again.

  • Dynamic Ellie
    Dynamic Ellie 일 전 +1

    So brave that you left the circle unattended while you went to find people. Someone could have stolen it while you were gone.
    Then you'd have had to buy more paint to build another, which would have taken you into negative prize money. Then the winner would have had to pay you when they won. Lucky.
    On a serious note, Im so glad you gave them a nice wedge in the end :)

  • Kailey
    Kailey 일 전 +1

    The amount of akwardness Ryan has is so hilarious 😂

  • Kanwar Anand
    Kanwar Anand 일 전 +1

    What an outstanding, fun, entertaining, thoughtful video. Dude you are on to something!

  • perttiREKTAA
    perttiREKTAA 22 시간 전

    Ryan never fails to suprise us :)

  • Luke Derksen
    Luke Derksen 일 전 +407

    It was actually hilarious just watching a group of random people fight for 8 dollars

  • ชิปกับเดล เราสองพี่น้อง

    Yes Sir!! So glad i watched this vid literally made mt day, I knew it 3 bucks wasn't the actual prize 🏆 congratulations Jack! You did it!

  • Yeehaw Opossum
    Yeehaw Opossum 일 전

    This really proves that it's not the money that matters... but the circles we make along the way.

  • DrizzE
    DrizzE 일 전

    cant believe how entertained i was by this lmao mainly cause ryan makes great videos :)

  • PotatoQuality
    PotatoQuality 19 시간 전

    His videos are always awkwardly amazing idk how to manage to make things like this 🤯

  • 9TriLLo
    9TriLLo 일 전

    You're a walking parody and I love it. Had a big grin on my face during the entire video 🤣🤘

  • Breanna Smith
    Breanna Smith 일 전 +2296

    the fact everyone took part in trying to win just 3 dollars was amazing. you never know what could happen in the end. so glad he gave them 10,000 dollars! they deserved it!

  • Snowy
    Snowy 일 전 +1

    Ryan can really make anything an entertaining watch

  • Tim Li
    Tim Li 일 전 +1

    Thank you Ryan for posting this video today! My godfather passed away eighty days ago due to lymphoma. This video has really brightened my day!

  • NFLpark
    NFLpark 일 전

    Ryan YOU ARE AWESOME! This video was a solid 10/10 my man! That ending was brilliant too!

  • cRANE 31
    cRANE 31 21 시간 전

    lord the tension in this whole video was out of the chart , the amount of social anxiety i was feeling just by watching is unreal , idk how ryan pulled it off , he's the GOAT

  • Developing Tank
    Developing Tank 일 전

    Really love Jen's energy. I can't believe she lost and that I lost $20 in a bet on made her becoming victorious. COME ON JEN!!!

  • Hexra
    Hexra 일 전 +981

    Did not expect that ending at all. It seems like such a Ryan move to just stick it to the end with the set goal in mind, and its really nice seeing the contestants being chill abt everything

    • Jokes with Mitochondria
      Jokes with Mitochondria 일 전

      haha me neither

    • Tylenol Sucks
      Tylenol Sucks 일 전

      @Jokes with Mitochondria was curious about ur username so cIicked on ur profiIe. Wasn't disappointed haha

    • Tulin
      Tulin 일 전

      @Jokes with Mitochondria not a bot but making a bot organization

  • quinn snyder
    quinn snyder 일 전

    The amount of mental strength that Ryan has is incredible.

  • lol
    lol 23 시간 전

    His videos are always awkward and funny!!! Keep it up Ryan!!!!

  • holonoid
    holonoid 일 전 +1

    Ryan is not socially awkward, he’s awkwardly social.

  • Aeleas
    Aeleas 일 전

    I was totally not expecting there to be an actual prize. That was incredible.

  • Domino Hank
    Domino Hank 일 전 +770

    Ryan isn’t socially awkward, he’s awkwardly social

  • Timothy Wode
    Timothy Wode 일 전

    Did not expect that ending 😂 sponsor for a video on a $20 budget. Ryan you are one of a kind. Keep it up 👏🏻

  • Patience Geue
    Patience Geue 일 전

    Ryan's the only person to turn strangers off the street into besties

  • Mason Lamb
    Mason Lamb 일 전 +1

    always love watching ryan’s videos🙂

  • SamiTheAnxiousBean
    SamiTheAnxiousBean 23 시간 전

    It's honestly insane how long they stayed considering the prize pool

  • Tape02
    Tape02 일 전 +2

    i was genuinely smiling throughout like half of this video, ryan is cool:)

    • Strayz Gaming
      Strayz Gaming 일 전

      Hey tape :)

    • Tape02
      Tape02 일 전 +1

      @Strayz Gaming hii! what are the odds i get recognized on a ryan trahan video haha:)

    • Strayz Gaming
      Strayz Gaming 일 전 +1

      @Tape02 yeah crazy how you can see people you know in this big world without trying to find them :)

  • Khoadruple
    Khoadruple 일 전 +219

    Dude I love how awkward Ryan is. Lol makes it feel very authentic and relatable.

    • Alex Chimi
      Alex Chimi 일 전 +2

      I know! The sincerity is a breath of fresh air and reminds me of the og KRclip days

    • DranScythe
      DranScythe 일 전


    • SikkyG
      SikkyG 일 전


    • Da green Apple
      Da green Apple 일 전

      @SikkyG u using the skull emoji is more AWKWARD 💀

    • SikkyG
      SikkyG 일 전

      @Da green Apple AKWARD IN THE GOOD WAY

  • Turlio
    Turlio 일 전 +1

    Ryan's videos are allways entertaining.

  • MV
    MV 일 전 +1

    What a level of musical skill did Ryan show at the end

  • Brielle
    Brielle 일 전

    Ryan seems like the type of dude that should wear those monkey harness leashes you put on a toddler while selling cookies

  • D6YTON
    D6YTON 일 전 +1

    Can we all just thank LEGO 2k Drive for sponsoring the video?

  • CodLinks78
    CodLinks78 17 시간 전

    Loved the ending. Quite the turn of events. Well played.

  • Sir_Zech
    Sir_Zech 일 전 +534

    I believe no content creator can do shit like Ryan does, I just love his content, totally hooked to his content since his penny videos.

    • Kitty gaming
      Kitty gaming 일 전 +1


    • Sir_Zech
      Sir_Zech 일 전

      @Kitty gaming Typo, lemme fix that

    • ILoveQuikTrip
      ILoveQuikTrip 일 전 +4

      I actually feel like MrBeast is a fair comparison content-wise. Jimmy's earlier videos when he first started doing this red circle stuff was kinda like this. But Ryan's personality is more charming/innocent and Jimmy's personality was more hype. Love both of their videos but do enjoy the way Ryan does it more. Ryan's content makes me die inside, but it's an addiction.

    • Urtiya YEAH!
      Urtiya YEAH! 일 전 +1

      A new viewer i used to watch him way before this hahaha but i agree his vids are something else

    • Kitty gaming
      Kitty gaming 일 전

      @Sir_Zech mk

  • Jobi
    Jobi 일 전 +4

    The Charisma, The Passion, The Dedication, excellent job Ryan !

  • JustAGuy
    JustAGuy 일 전

    i thought "damn, i feel so bad for these contestants. Not even $100." At the end (when he announced the actual winnings) I was shocked and happy for everyone.

  • treehugger101
    treehugger101 일 전 +2

    YOU are AWESOME!! The way you were low balling everyone and everything AND THEN... the last minute !BOOM! MOOLA for everyone! (and NO ONE was expecting it)! AWH man BEST VIDEO EVER! AND everyone was so nice and all of them befriended each other!

  • IeatNoodles
    IeatNoodles 일 전

    oh my god hahahaha those 3 were like the most genuine people I've ever seen :')

  • Priya Reacts
    Priya Reacts 일 전 +1

    This man is born to create History in KRclip ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Exobullet
    Exobullet 일 전 +758

    Ryan can be awkward and confident at the same time. Severely entertaining and enjoyable content.

  • Daniel Clyne
    Daniel Clyne 일 전

    I don’t know how anyone stayed in that circle for more than 15 minutes and it was physically painful watching this but great job Ryan

  • Forgettable Now
    Forgettable Now 일 전

    Love that you put more money into for the end but the whole concept was fantastic he actually thought he just won 3 bucks 😂

  • Veef Os
    Veef Os 일 전

    I get excited when Ryan uploads but always forget that I'm in for an awkward ride

  • Ourato
    Ourato 일 전 +2

    The fact that this was for $3 makes everything better

  • Sz
    Sz 23 시간 전 +1

    They came for 8 dollars and left with a fat cheque. Imagine how everyone who passed felt after watching this video 😂

  • B. Not Inc.
    B. Not Inc. 일 전 +710

    The challenge isn’t about the $3.26 prize pool; it’s about *the friends we made along the way.*

  • Cheaap
    Cheaap 일 전 +3

    I love how Ryan said "is that poop" and went ahead immediately to touch it.

  • Queen Spring Day

    this is so hilarious and wholesome at the same time! I can't stop laughing!

  • Angga Gacoel
    Angga Gacoel 19 시간 전

    thanks Ryan for actually paying them money while still giving us a good content believing the 3 dollars is the grand priza

  • Comrade Alpaca
    Comrade Alpaca 일 전

    Ryan somehow found a way to invite 9 strangers to an event and still end up being the 10th wheel XD
    P.S. Okay, so a few weeks ago, Legoland NY (the place I work at) was holding an event for 2K Drive. I was very surprised and confused when I was at the register and looked up and saw Ryan standing in front of me because it was an event that was mainly for the developers of the game. Welp, now I know why he was there XD. I only spoke to him for a minute while I rang him up at the register, but I could tell he's genuinely a nice guy.

  • Veyron2.0
    Veyron2.0 19 시간 전 +1

    Love the video Ryan!!! Only thing wrong here is them McChickens we’re definitely more than $5… much love from the McChicken connoisseur!

  • Victoria Gilbert
    Victoria Gilbert 일 전 +77

    Can we all appreciate the fact that Ryan has a successful video without much money. He just proved that money isn't everything, its trying new things and the kindness Ryan showed made it ten times more better and valuable than money.
    Amazing work man! :D

    • Concerned Citizen
      Concerned Citizen 일 전 +3

      He spent over $14,000...

    • AlmightyAphrodite
      AlmightyAphrodite 일 전

      Also must've rented that field to be able to spray it and go at it with an axe 😅

    • DaSmilyShelf
      DaSmilyShelf 일 전

      @Concerned Citizen The entire production was 20 dollars, all the other money was spent on prizes

    • Apirl fools
      Apirl fools 일 전

      i would believe u if i didn't know ryans networth he had way more than 20 dollars to give away if he wanted to

    • Apirl fools
      Apirl fools 일 전

      i watched till the end of the video nvm tho the end of the video sorta of cancels out both our points

    WARLORD 일 전

    Your videos are always great... And although it was a bit socially awkward for the most of the part and I being an introvert can total feel the anxiety, the ending was great when you gave them $10,000... Because I was wondering that with more than 12M subs you can definitely afford more than $20 for the entire video.

  • TheGhavernor
    TheGhavernor 일 전

    WAY better that he didn't tell everyone that it was for 10,000...(honestly it would have been so funny if you just ended the video with a $3 prize ) . It's good to see that you don't have to spend loads of money (other than the 10K of course) to make good content. Keep up the good work!

  • Milo Hickerson
    Milo Hickerson 일 전

    This is a good way to look at how competitive people can be for no reason

  • Wildman 69
    Wildman 69 일 전

    The reason Jimmy's videos are so popular is people are intrigued with the amount of money you could win and the amount that's spent

  • Alexis Agbi
    Alexis Agbi 21 시간 전 +1

    When Ryan started running to see if they match his energy💀🤣🤣🤣 this kid is hilariously GENIUS♥️

  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang 일 전 +325

    I love how Ryan never disappoints by using mrbeast to make his vids better but seriously Ryan is great